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Regent offers a full range of complementary services that can be tailored to a client's specific needs. With expertise in fund formation, administration, advisory and investment controlling, we can provide an end-to-end solution or targeted assistance in one or more specific areas.


Regent will assist with the design, planning and implementation of the fund leading to formation and/or incorporation of the fund. The formation services may include: communications with regulatory authorities, drafting of a fund prospectus, establishing relationships with custodian banks and auditors as well as preparation and filing of required legal documents.

Specialised funds such as real estate or project financing require more legal structuring than the typical security fund. Regent will assist in putting together a proper structure tailored to the jurisdictions of the investment targets.


Fund Administration.

Regent Fund Management offers full administrative services for investment funds thus allowing the promoters and advisors to concentrate on the presentation and performance of the fund, and not the daily administration tasks.

Administrative services include:
_ Accounting.
_ Valuation of fund assets.
_ NAV Calculation.
_ Reporting.
_ Audit relationships.
_ Publication.


Regent offers excellent fund management services. This service is ideal for clients wishing to establish their own investment funds but lacking the asset management expertise. By creating a "white labelled" fund, a client enjoys the benefits of a fund that carries their own brand while Regent takes care of the investments.

Fund Management is available for funds administered by Regent as well as those administered by other companies.

The Regent Style of investing is based on a proprietary analytical process developed and run by Regent's investment professionals. Our equity approach involves a "bottom up" share selection process that is based on the individual company's fundamentals. The structure of the balance sheet, the yield and price worthiness are the main criteria used in our analysis. For our bond mandates we employ the duration concept of management.


Once invested, analysis and controlling are among investors' greatest concerns. Using modern statistical concepts, Regent provides assistance in these areas helping to insure that objectives are being met, guidelines are being honoured and that performance goals are being achieved.

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