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As the demand for financial services has skyrocketed funds have become increasingly important investment vehicles. Known and widely accepted for their general ease of investment and as effective tools for diversification, fund vehicles offer yet more potential.

Regent Fund Management was established to address the opportunities in the expanding field of fund management and to meet the high standards of discerning clients in exploring these opportunities.

From multi-billion dollar public mutual funds to small private closed end vehicles, funds provide investors the opportunity to meet their investment needs in an efficient and cost effective manner. Funds can be designed to offer asset management services to the general public, to specifically serve an individual firm's clients, to organise an entity’s asset holdings, or to fund special projects.

Both public and private funds can be established to facilitate investment in bonds, commodities, currencies, equities, precious minerals, private equity, real estate and other alternative investments, as well as project specific financing.

Drawing on experience in the areas of fund incorporation, fund administration and asset management, Regent strives to provide its clients with quality services tailor-made to their unique situations. Whether one requires assistance with fund design, development and incorporation, administrative services or asset management, Regent is an invaluable resource in creating the optimal solution.

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